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Candice Patton 'wanted to leave' The Flash in season 2 because of 'racist, misogynistic' fans
The actor says The CW and Warner Bros. TV didn't protect her from "abuse and harassment."
The Flash boss says the season 8 finale could serve as a series ender (if necessary)
Showrunner Eric Wallace discusses the show's uncertain future and previews the "emotional disasters" hurtling toward Barry.
The Flash boss on the Legends Easter egg, vanishing [SPOILER], and 'hardcore' season 8B
Showrunner Eric Wallace says the latest season is heading toward a finale that's "wilder" and "perhaps a little more terrifying" than previous ones.
Bart and Nora witness [SPOILER]'s failed 2013 romance in The Flash sneak peek
Jessica Parker Kennedy previews Nora and Bart's chaotic journey to the past in The Flash's midseason premiere: "The whole episode revolves around our ridiculousness."
Katherine McNamara warns that 'darker forces' will tempt Mia Queen on The Flash
'She feels as though she failed not only the city and William, but her father and the legacy that has been placed upon her.'

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The Flash actor Jordan Fisher discusses Bart Allen's relatable 'humanity' in episode 150

To play Bart Allen, a.k.a. Impulse, Fisher studied Grant Gustin and Candice Patton's performances.