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Titans showrunner teases final episodes, what's up with Dick and Kory
Greg Walker talks about the show's home stretch and how Invasion of the Body Snatchers influenced these season 4 episodes.
A new Robin rises to fight Brother Blood in Titans final-season trailer
Plus, Connor Kent is looking more Lex Luthor than ever, while Nightwing and Starfire get shunted to an alternate dimension.
The best Blumhouse horror movies
From its roots in small-budget scares to big-league screams, here are the best horror movies to come out of Blumhouse Productions.
Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos: Titans season 4 trailer dives back into the occult, reveals Lex Luthor
Raven's iconic catchphrase finally appears on the show as the team heads to Metropolis to tangle with Superman's nemesis and a nefarious cult.

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The actor discusses Jason Todd/Red Hood's dastardly plan: "What he did to [SPOILER] is going to be really hard to come back from."
What to Watch on Thursday: Brooklyn Nine-Nine finally returns to kick off one last season
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