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The Little Mermaid star Halle Bailey shares advice Beyoncé gave her when cast as Ariel
"She's always been very, very complimentary and proud of me, and that means the world coming from her," says the recording artist of Chloe x Halle.
Always Bey Referencing: Here are Swarm's many, many Beyoncé parallels
Ni'Jah has 26 Grammys! How many does Beyoncé have?... 32?... Well-played.
The Grammys have a Black woman problem — after four noms, will Beyoncé finally win Album of the Year?
A Black woman hasn't won Album of the Year since Lauryn Hill in 1999. With 28 other wins, Beyoncé is not lacking for Grammys, but the big prize has remained elusive.

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Harry & Meghan shows couple getting a text from Beyoncé after their Oprah interview
In part 2 of the docuseries, the singer praises Meghan Markle's bravery following the TV special: 'She thinks I was selected to break generational curses that need to be healed.'
The 10 best songs of 2022
From disco-trap to deconstructed techno to Dolly-style country, we rank our favorite tracks this year.