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Nicolas Cage makes it count as Dracula in new Renfield trailer
Nicholas Hoult co-stars as the bloodsucker's servant in the upcoming monster movie.
The best Apple TV+ shows to watch right now
From British espionage thrillers and genre-busting murder mysteries to feel-good sports comedies, here is our list of must-watch shows on the award-winning streaming service.
Tim Robinson voices the original 'ugly' Sonic design in Chip n' Dale: Rescue Rangers
The new Disney+ film portrays out-of-fashion cartoon characters as washed-up actors — and the teeth-baring hedgehog is voiced by the I Think You Should Leave star.
Sonic the Hedgehog 2 sprints past Ambulance at box office
The supersonic sequel shatters the first film's previously held record as the biggest opening ever for a video game adaptation.
How Ben Schwartz injected Sonic 2 with his personality — and slipped in a Parks and Rec joke
The Sonic the Hedgehog 2 star discusses how he infused the blue speedster with his own personality, including a great reference to his Parks and Rec character, Jean-Ralphio.

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Tails and Knuckles debut in first trailer for Sonic the Hedgehog 2

Ben Schwartz and Jim Carrey stopped by the Game Awards to present the preview.