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Thunder Force director breaks down Melissa McCarthy's bonkers '80s dance scene
Melissa McCarthy did all of her own 'Thunder Force' superhero wire work for the film's bonkers '80s dance sequence with Jason Bateman.
How Melissa McCarthy and Jason Bateman buttered up Thunder Force with crab sex
EW goes inside Melissa McCarthy and Jason Bateman's 'Identity Thief' reunion for THAT wild crab sex scene in 'Thunder Force.'
Thunder Force is a super-powered Melissa McCarthy comedy that never fully takes flight
We review new Netflix movie 'Thunder Force,' starring Melissa McCarthy and Octavia Spencer
In Melissa McCarthy and Octavia Spencer's superhuman comedy Thunder Force, everyone's a hero
'Thunder Force' director Ben Falcone tells EW how he, Melissa McCarthy, and Octavia Spencer humanized superheroes through comedy, crab sex, and '80s dance numbers.

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