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The man who would be King: Inside Austin Butler's Elvis transformation
The actor, his director Baz Luhrmann, and costar Tom Hanks reflect on how the 30-year-old found the rebel, the soul, and the rock & roll heart of Elvis Presley.
Elvis and the enjoyably silly The One That Got Away are easier calls to make than The Black Phone
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The Elvis cast and director Baz Luhrmann on how they brought the King back to life
For EW's Around the Table, the makers of Elvis take us behind the scenes of the electrifying biopic.
Tom Hanks goes dark: Why our favorite good guy wanted to play the Elvis villain
"Elvis is like playing Jesus, and it doesn't really matter who plays Pontius Pilate," says Hanks.
Why artists like Doja Cat and Kanye West were essential to the Elvis soundtrack
We talk to director Baz Luhrmann and the cast of Elvis about giving the film a modern sound.

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How actor Austin Butler mastered the distinct sound of Elvis Presley's voice
"I created my own archive of how he said every word and every diphthong," says Butler.
Baz Luhrmann says he has a 4-hour cut of Elvis that includes Nixon meeting
The director teases some of the scenes that didn't make it into the theatrical release.
5 potential Oscars breakouts from the 2022 Cannes Film Festival

Armageddon Time, Elvis, Decision to Leave, Top Gun: Maverick, and Kristen Stewart's Crimes of the Future could make headway in the Oscars race out of Cannes.