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Tom Cruise revisits Goose's Top Gun death in Lady Gaga's 'Hold My Hand' music video
Anthony Edwards' emotional death replays in Cruise's memory in the music video for Gaga's Top Gun: Maverick soundtrack song.
Stop! We have reached the limits of what true-story TV can teach us!
'WeCrashed', 'The Dropout', 'The Girl From Plainville', 'Super Pumped', 'Winning Time', 'Pam & Tommy' — TV is obsessed with true-life adaptations, which would be fine if they weren't all so mediocre.
Tales of the Walking Dead casts a bunch of famous people
Will these familiar faces appear on the show alive, or dead, or both?
George Clooney doubts an ER reboot could 'catch lightning again'
"I think you have to leave what was beautiful in the past and move on," said Juliana Margulies during a cast reunion for charity.

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