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The Walking Dead series finale burning questions answered
Carol originally left with Daryl. Three other people almost ended up as governor of the Commonwealth. And another character almost had a much different fate. We've got the scoop on what almost happened in The Walking Dead series finale.
The Walking Dead finale ending with Rick and Michonne explained
We have all the details on the when, why, where, and how that finale sequence with Andrew Lincoln and Danai Gurira was filmed, and the full list of actors who returned to be a part of it.
Chandler Riggs on his Walking Dead finale cameo you didn't see
The actor who played Carl on for eight seasons was on screen for the finale. Did you spot him?
How The Walking Dead will transition from series finale to spin-offs
"When the spin-offs pick up, it's not going to be exactly where you think," teases showrunner Angela Kang.
The Walking Dead showrunner addresses penultimate episode shockers
Two major characters are in mortal danger heading into the series finale. We went to Angela Kang for answers.

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Norman Reedus says 'everybody dies' in The Walking Dead series finale
Lauren Cohan, Josh McDermitt, Melissa McBride, and more also share teasers about the finale, and we’re pretty sure at least they are telling the truth.
The Walking Dead didn't originally end with that 'f--- s--- up' line
The latest episode had a different final moment in the script.
Dead end: On set for the final days of The Walking Dead

As the AMC zombie apocalypse series comes to an end, it gives life to an ever-expanding Walking Dead universe. The cast and creative team discuss their last days of filming the long-running drama and tease what comes next.