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2002 rewatch: Mr. Deeds launched Adam Sandler's biggest decade, for better and worse
Winona Ryder costars in a Frank Capra remake, which stuffs celebrity cameos and standing-ovation populism into a billion-dollar inheritance farce.
Adam Sandler had unfortunate bathing suit mishap when he discovered a nude beach in Spain
The actor wanted to feel 'comfortable and confident' — but his bathing suit had other ideas.
Hustle review: Adam Sandler scores in Netflix's sweet, kinetic sports drama
The actor plays a basketball scout who finds the recruit of a lifetime on a Spanish street corner.

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Adam Sandler talks bringing his passion for hoops and heart to basketball drama Hustle
The actor spoke exclusively with EW about making the emotionally charged sports movie and hanging with real-life NBA players (Juancho! Dr. J!) on set.