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The 15 best Will Ferrell movies, ranked
From family-friendly fare, to over-the-top comedies, to thought-provoking films, Will Ferrell has shown surprising versatility, as reflected in EW’s ranking of his best work. 
The 20 best journalism movies
As the biopic She Said hits the big screen, EW takes a look at some of the best journalism-centric films of all time, spanning 20th century classics to modern-day marvels.
Matthew Perry pulled out of Don't Look Up after his heart stopped for 5 minutes
The Friends alum reveals he was set to play a Republican journalist in the star-studded political satire.
American Psycho cast: Where are they now?
It's been decades since American Psycho slashed its way into theaters, bringing us the musings and madness of Patrick Bateman. Let's see what its now-all-star cast has been up to. 
The 14 most dramatic movie makeup jobs
Emma Thompson's nearly unrecognizable turn in Netflix's upcoming Matilda the Musical has compelled EW to revisit Hollywood makeup jobs so convincing, you probably did a triple take.

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Mark Ruffalo, Rosario Dawson, Adam McKay champion new resource to increase climate change representation
With their powers combined...they hope the Playbook will inspire more climate change representation in TV and movies