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A group of influencers are trapped in a deadly popularity contest in 50 Cent's new slasher, Skill House
Get an exclusive first look at 50 Cent's new horror movie, 'Skill House,' about a group of influencers fighting to survive in a deadly popularity contest.
50 Cent's new horror movie Skill House is so graphic, a cameraman passed out during bloody filming
"The camera fell to the ground while filming," the rapper shared on social media. "This s--- is gonna be crazy for real."
Super Bowl halftime show review: A hip-hop family affair that was exhilarating and long overdue
In the unprecedented, unforgettable performance, Mary J. Blige dazzled, Eminem took a knee, and Dr. Dre reminded us how he forever changed the game.

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Inside the 50 Cent–directed BMF episode: A de-aged Eminem, a big rivalry, and Snoop Dogg
Curtis Jackson discusses the installment he helmed for the Starz drama, about two Detroit brothers who turned a small-time operation into one of the most powerful crime organizations in U.S. history.