No movie made as much of a splash at the 2020 Oscars as the groundbreaking Parasite, sweeping up four trophies Sunday night. And no filmmaker kept it as fun as Bong Joon Ho (even if the Oscars are only a local event, as he would say) on film’s biggest night.

Bong’s speeches on stage and his antics backstage offered the perfect balance of humor and insight. The director made no attempt to hide his readiness to drink the night away (relatable), while at the same time sincerely honoring the achievements of his actors and fellow directors. Here are some of our favorite — and most meme-worthy — Bong moments from tonight.

“I will drink until next morning”

Parasite won Best International Feature Film, and Bong was ready to celebrate. “Thank you, and I’m ready to drink tonight. Until next morning,” he said. We respect his honesty.


His whole Best Director speech

Bong’s acceptance speech for Best Director was iconic from beginning to end. “After winning Best International Feature I thought I was done for the day and was ready to relax,” he began, through his translator, Sharon Choi.

He went on to honor The Irishman director Martin Scorsese, quoting the legendary director’s saying that “the most personal is the most creative.”

When he giggled and gazed lovingly at his Oscar

When his co-writer Han Jin Won spoke while accepting the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay, Bong earned laughs from the audience for standing off to the side, giggling, and gazing lovingly at his statuette. Fans on Twitter were equally charmed.


When he made his two Oscars kiss

I mean… *chefs kiss*

Bong Joon Ho
Bong Joon Ho
| Credit: Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP/Shutterstock

The tweets speak for themselves:

When he let loose backstage

Asked backstage about Parasite’s success, Bong told reporters through his translator, “I’m just a very strange person. I just did what I’ve always done with great artists.” He continued, “It still feels very surreal. I feel like something will hit me and I will wake up from this dream.” He added in English, “It’s really f—ing crazy!”

Before the ceremony, when asked how he came up with the idea for Parasite, he joked to ET, “Because I’m a f—ing weirdo.”

When he apologized for having too many Oscars

As is custom for Oscar winners, the filmmaker had his trophies engraved at the ceremony. With four wins, Bong was at the engravers’ station for a while, and he was humble and apologetic about the whole thing.

“I’m so sorry for all this,” he said. “Hard work. Too many.”

Parasite took home Best Picture on Sunday, becoming the first South Korean film — and first foreign-language film — in history to win the Oscar in that category. This followed an already impressive sweep that saw the thriller win Best Director, Best Original Screenplay, and Best International Feature. See the full list of Oscar winners here.

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