By Derek Lawrence
February 09, 2020 at 10:07 PM EST

Eminem seized his second opportunity to be on stage at the Oscars.

Seventeen years after winning the Academy Award for Best Original Song, the rapper appeared for a surprise performance of “Lose Yourself,” the memorable anthem of his semi-autobiographical film 8 Mile.

As Eminem tweeted after his performance (with the help of a tweaked “Lose Yourself” lyric), this was a longtime coming, considering he didn’t make the trip in 2003 to accept his trophy.

And the surprise nature of the performance resulted in some A-plus reaction shots from the Hollywood elite in the crowd. People like Gal Gadot, Zazie Beetz, and others were feeling the beat and losing themselves in the music.

The Academy Awards/Giphy
The Academy Awards/Giphy

Meanwhile, Martin Scorsese looked calm but not ready. Maybe he’s more of a lasagna guy?

The Academy Awards/Giphy

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