Only a few movies among this year's Best Picture crop won't get to $100 million.

If there was no Black Panther-sized box office success to be found among this year’s Oscar nominees for Best Picture, well, at least one came pretty close.

Joker, leading all of this year’s movies with 11 nods, is the only nominee this year to have surpassed $1 billion worldwide. At $334 million within North America, it’s also easily the domestic box office champ of this year’s crop. That doesn’t mean to say that the Academy leaned toward smaller films this year, however. Indeed, while smaller-scale Best Picture contenders including The Two Popes and The Farewell missed out in the big category, room was made for commercial successes that were on the bubble including Ford v Ferrari and Little Women.

Impressively, over half of the year’s nine Best Picture contenders have already crossed $100 million worldwide: the aforementioned Joker, Ford v Ferrari, and Little Women, plus Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and Parasite. And as for the rest of the nominees, well, The Irishman and Marriage Story are Netflix titles, so their domestic totals aren’t reported, and after a spectacular wide expansion this past weekend, 1917 is sure to cross that mark before long.

Over 80 percent of Parasite‘s gross, notably, has come internationally ($107 of its $132 million total), while Jojo Rabbit ($31 million) and Little Women ($107 million) have been primarily stateside plays. Joker, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, and Ford v Ferrari have all crossed $100 million both domestically and internationally.

As to which films will get the biggest bounce from today’s nominations? Parasite will soar even higher, while the relatively recent releases of Little Women and 1917 should continue to outperform expectations.

Of course, big box office doesn’t necessarily translate to wins. Some of the lowest-grossing Best Picture nominees of the past decade-and-some, including Kathryn Bigelow’s The Hurt Locker and Barry Jenkins’ Moonlight, ultimately defeated much more popular choices for the top prize.

Below is the full list of box office grosses for the 2020 Best Picture nominees:

Ford v Ferrari ($211 million total)
DOMESTIC: $111,424,605
INTERNATIONAL: $99,600,000

The Irishman ($1 million reported)

Jojo Rabbit ($30.8 million total)
DOMESTIC: $21,981,387

Joker ($1.07 billion total)
DOMESTIC: $334,046,521
INTERNATIONAL: $732,700,000

Little Women ($107.2 million total)
DOMESTIC: $74,031,009
INTERNATIONAL: $33,200,000

Marriage Story ($0.3 million reported)

1917 ($60.4 million total)
DOMESTIC: $39,221,279
INTERNATIONAL: $21,200,000

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood ($372.4 million total)
DOMESTIC: $141,103,164
INTERNATIONAL: $231,294,406

Parasite ($132.3 million total)
DOMESTIC: $25,368,736
INTERNATIONAL: $106,969,918


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