Jodie Foster co-presented the Best Actress award at the 2018 Oscars with fellow former category winner Jennifer Lawrence, bucking the tradition of the previous Best Actor champ handing out the prize — but that wasn’t the only surprise in store for audiences. The Silence of the Lambs star also appeared on the Dolby Theatre stage on crutches.

When Lawrence asked about what happened, Foster played coy, locking eyes with Meryl Streep in the front row. “She I, Tonya’d me,” Foster quipped. She didn’t wanted to elaborate either, adding, “But I’d prefer not to discuss it,” and flashing a smirk. Cue the laughs, on went the category presentation, but the question remained: Why was Foster on crutches?

EW has confirmed with Foster’s publicist that the actress injured herself after falling while skiing. The mystery of Foster’s crutches had gone on for days, with photos of her appearing injured circulating early last week. Now it can be put to rest.

Foster was on hand to present Best Actress with Lawrence instead of last year’s Best Actor Oscar winner, Casey Affleck, who withdrew his name. The Manchester by the Sea star had been plagued by allegations of sexual misconduct, which were previously settled out of court, and in light of the burgeoning #TimesUp and #MeToo movements, declined to participate in this year’s ceremony.

Foster and Lawrence announced Frances McDormand, of Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, as the category’s winner. In a rousing speech, McDormand paid tribute to all of the year’s female Oscar nominees, calling on them to stand with her.

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