By Shirley Li
March 05, 2018 at 12:39 AM EST
Mike Coppola/Getty Images; Silver Screen Collection/Getty Images; Harry Langdon/Getty Images

Though the 90th annual Academy Awards honored more than 50 stars across the industry in its In Memoriam segment, it left off several names fans felt should have been included.

Among the suggestions were Adam West, Oscar winner Dorothy Malone, David Ogden Stiers (who died on Saturday) and Bill Paxton, who hadn’t been included in the segment last year — he died the day before the Oscars — but was mentioned during Jennifer Aniston’s introduction. Fans also questioned the omission of Tom Petty in the reel, despite having Eddie Vedder cover Petty for his performance.

Below, a list of stars the In Memoriam segment did not include:

Bill Paxton
Stephen Furst
Powers Boothe
Juanita Quigley
Ty Hardin
Francine York
Miguel Ferrer
Skip Homeier
Anne Jeffreys
Lola Albright
Lorna Gray
Dina Merrill
Conrad Brooks
Robert Guillaume
John Hillerman
Jim Nabors
Rose Marie
Adam West
David Ogden Stiers
Dorothy Malone
Della Reese
Dick Enberg
Tobe Hooper

Still, the In Memoriam segment draws criticism every year for names left off. EW dove into the issue in 2014 after fans protested the exclusions of comedian Harold Ramis and camera assistant Sarah Jones, learning that, though producers would seem to be the ones in control of who makes the cut, they’re not the ones to blame. A committee made up of members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences cull names from a list of about 300 submissions each year and make their choices based on the honoree’s contribution to filmmaking. About 40 names usually end up being included in the reel — 2018’s reel upped the number to 51 — and the final product tends to be locked weeks before the night of the Oscars.