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And the Oscar goes to…

After those words come someone’s Academy Awards acceptance speech, which can range from brief to chair-scaling to tear-jerking, helping create an indelible Oscar moment for the winner — think Jennifer Lawrence tripping up the stairs, Roberto Benigni standing atop the theater’s seats, Adrien Brody stealing a kiss from presenter Halle Berry. Some are so popular and iconic that they’ve been watched millions of times on YouTube. Which speeches are the most-viewed of all time?

#10 — Adrien Brody

It may be last on YouTube’s list Top 10 list, but still, with 5.2 million views, people can’t get enough of the acceptance speech kiss seen ’round the world. Watch as Adrien Brody planted one on Halle Berry while accepting Best Actor for his work in The Pianist.

#9 — Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock is a fan-favorite, and that popularity translates to her Oscar speech as well, also racking up 5.2 million views for her Best Actress win for The Blind Side.

#8 — Natalie Portman

In 2011, Natalie Portman capped off a highly successful awards season for her work in Black Swan with an Oscar for Best Actress. Her speech has 5.6 million views to boot (er, ballet slipper?)

#7 — Tom Hanks

Though Tom Hanks has won two Oscars, it’s his 1995 speech for Best Actor for Forrest Gump (he won the previous year for Philadelphia) that runs all the way to No. 7 with 6.1 million views.

#6 — Roberto Benigni

Things go back a little further in time with the sixth most popular speech and its 7.3 million views — that of Roberto Benigni for Best Actor for Life is Beautiful, which involved him excitedly climbing over the chairs in the theater to get to the stage.

#5 — Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence breaks into the Top 5 with her 8.4 million views. She became the second youngest women to win Best Actress in 2013 for her work in Silver Linings Playbook, but perhaps more memorable than the speech itself was the moment she tripped walking up the stairs on her way to accept it.

#4 — Kate Winslet

Coming in fourth with 8.5 million views is Kate Winslet’s Best Actress win for her performance in The Reader, a long overdue victory for the actress on her sixth overall nomination. She hilariously joked about the versions of the speech she’d made as a child with a shampoo bottle.

#3 — Matthew McConaughey

‘Alright, Alright, Alright’ — here’s one we can definitely get behind. Matthew McConaughey lands at No. 3 with 10.1 million views for his 2014 speech for Best Actor for Dallas Buyers Club. He capped off an awards season of dapper, if not flashy, tuxedos and thoughtfully provocative speeches with this big win … and, of course, he didn’t miss an opportunity to throw in his famous catchphrase.

#2 — Heath Ledger

The second most-viewed speech at 10.2 million views is Heath Ledger’s 2009 posthumous win for Best Supporting Actor for his portrayal of The Joker in The Dark Knight. Ledger’s family accepted the award on the late actor’s behalf in a highly emotional moment.

#1 — Leonardo DiCaprio

The Titanic star is king of the world at the top of YouTube’s list, earning 11+ million views for his 2016 win for The Revenant, a victory many of his most ardent fans felt was a long time coming. DiCaprio gave an emotional speech, thanking his cast and crew, his parents, and calling out humanity’s relationship to the natural world and naming climate change the most “urgent threat facing our entire species.”

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