The 'La La Land'-'Moonlight' snafu also get a shoutout

Not all caught up on the 2018 Oscar nominees for Best Picture, but still want to seem like you know what you’re talking about at your friend’s Oscars party? Want to maybe even throw some snarky remark about how The Darkest Hour was basically about “all the talking that was going on at the same time” as the events of Dunkirk?

Then, boy, does ScreenJunkies have an Honest Trailer for you.

All nine Best Picture nominees for this year’s Academy Awards get one giant Honest Trailer that not only spoofs each of the contenders but also gives a shoutout to the great La La LandMoonlight snafu of 2017.

“Only one of these nine films will win the coveted title of Best Picture… unless the guy in charge of the results screws up because he was on his phone backstage and they accidentally give it to someone else,” the narrator says.

The video, released ahead of Sunday’s awards ceremony, gives you a quick rundown of the nine nominees in the category: The Darkest Hour (spoofed as “Grumpy Oldman“), The Shape of Water (“The Fish Banging Movie“), Call Me By Your Name (“Loheta“), Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri (“Three Racists Inside Ebbing, Missouri“), Phantom Thread (“Method Man“), Lady Bird (“Put a Bird On It“), Dunkirk (“Saving Lots of Privates“), The Post (“Academy Award Nominee The Post“), and Get Out (“Let the White Ones In“).

Watch above.

Call Me by Your Name
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