There’s the monstrous king of the river, and there’s the rebel princess of the ice. There’s the teen experiencing his first love in Italy and the teen trying to find her voice in Sacramento. There’s a crew of British soldiers trying to survive on the battlefield, and there’s the black photographer just trying to survive a weekend with his white girlfriend’s family.

These are a few of the films honored with Oscar nominations this year, and over the past few months EW has been chatting with the actors, writers, and directors behind each of them. From The Post’s Steven Spielberg and I, Tonya’s Allison Janney to Get Out’s Daniel Kaluuya and Lady Bird’s Greta Gerwig, 27 of this year’s Oscar nominees sat down to discuss their challenges and triumphs in making the year’s most acclaimed films.

Watch the exclusive video above to hear the nominees discuss their processes, and then check out the full collection of interviews here.

Video directed by Kristen Harding, produced by Robyn Ross and Kristen Harding, and edited by Hannah Hafey and Ethan Bellows.

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