Will Daniel Day-Lewis drink Tom Hanks' milkshake?

To commemorate the Academy Awards celebrating 90 years of film, Entertainment Weekly is holding the EW Oscar Bracket Battle, starting with the Best Actor category. Our film critics and editors selected the top winners throughout history and landed on the top 64; and you have now narrowed it down to the final four. Remaining are James Stewart and Gregory Peck in two cinema classics (The Philadelphia Story and To Kill a Mockingbird, respectively) and Hollywood living legends Daniel Day-Lewis (There Will Be Blood) and Tom Hanks (Philadelphia).

Keep up the voting below, download the updated bracket here, and be sure to share your picks on social media with the hashtag #EWOscarBattle. The Final Four of the Best Actor bracket ends at midnight ET on Jan. 12.

Between now and the 90th annual Academy Awards ceremony on March 4, we'll also be launching brackets for Best Actress and Best Picture. Watch this page for updates throughout. <div class="apester-media" data-media-id="5a55a0590402850001124a1c" height="390"></div><script async src="//"></script>