'It says a lot about the lack of inclusion,' Arquette says

By Lanford Beard
February 27, 2017 at 05:24 PM EST
David Livingston/Getty Images

This article originally appeared on PEOPLE.com.

The 2017 Oscars’ In Memoriam segment has been called out for another perceived flub.

Patricia Arquette told Entertainment Tonight at Sunday night’s Vanity Fair after-party that she is disappointed the tribute to actors who died in the past year didn’t include her younger sister Alexis, who lost a 29-year battle with HIV at age 47 last September.

“Alexis was a great actor, and had 70 credits, and was really brave to live her truth as a trans woman, and they didn’t include her in the memorial,” Arquette, 48, told ET. “I think that was a real slight to the trans community, especially at this time when trans kids can’t even go to the bathroom in the United States of America at school. It says a lot about the lack of inclusion — trans kids can really never look at anyone and see their heroes, and I think that was a big mistake.”

Arquette — who used her 2015 Best Supporting Actress Oscar acceptance speech to speak out against the gender pay gap — called the trans community “very disrespected” and said of Alexi’s apparent snub: “I’m not surprised because the reality is, trans people are ignored all the time in our culture … and often times they don’t end up having any kind of justice.”

When asked why she thought Alexis might have been left out, Arquette responded, “I think they wanted to, you know, throw some cookies from the ceiling.”