'I hope there's more where it came from,' Oscar winner John Gilbert told Mel Gibson

By Christian Holub
February 26, 2017 at 10:47 PM EST
Mark Rogers
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Years after being disgraced for controversial statements, Mel Gibson appears to have returned to Hollywood’s good graces. His film Hacksaw Ridge took home the best film editing award at the Oscars on Sunday, thanks to the work of John Gilbert.

“The story of Desmond Doss and his courage and selflessness was as good as you get,” Gilbert said in his acceptance speech. “So that was a great start for me. I needed good material.”

In addition to giving shout-outs to his family, Gilbert thanked Gibson: “Mel, I had a fabulous time working on this film with you, and I hope there’s more where it came from.”

He added: “Thank you very much. I appreciate this so much.”

A brutal depiction of World War II through the eyes of an American soldier (best actor nominee Andrew Garfield) committed to not carrying a weapon, Hacksaw Ridge‘s success represents a comeback for Gibson, who is already being floated as a possible director for Suicide Squad 2. Winning the best film editing award involved triumphing over some of the ceremony’s heavyweights, like La La Land and Moonlight, in addition to Arrival and Hell or High Water.

Hacksaw Ridge is the first film Gibson has directed since 2006. A few months before the release of Apocalypto, the Lethal Weapon star was arrested for drunken driving and the subsequent police report revealed that he had used anti-Semitic slurs during the traffic stop. Then in 2010, Gibson was investigated for domestic violence and again used racial slurs in a recorded conversation with his former partner.


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