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NBC says Leslie Jones can continue Olympics commentary: 'We are super fans of her'
After the SNL star spoke out saying she might not do her signature play-by-play this year, NBC clarified the situation.
Jennifer Lopez reacts to Olympian Ilona Maher's declaration of love: 'I choose you too'
The Olympic rugby player previously professed her love for the pop star, saying J. Lo "can literally do anything."
Tom Daley reveals what he was knitting at the Olympics in those viral photos
The Olympic diver has been busy at work on the one thing that's been keeping stress at bay during the Games.
SNL star Michael Che faces backlash after posting Simone Biles jokes
The 'Weekend Update' co-anchor is under fire for reposting a joke about Larry Nassar, the doctor accused of sexually abusing Biles and countless other athletes.

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