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Nominated for Nothing: The bold period drama Passing was too ahead of its time
When it comes to why the Oscars overlooked Rebecca Hall's complex exploration of racial identity, the answer may not be black and white.
Nominated for Nothing: The Oscars should have elevated In the Heights higher
The Academy overlooked the heartfelt joy of Jon M. Chu’s exuberant movie-musical.
Nominated for Nothing: In a fairer Oscarscape, there'd be room for more films like The Souvenir Part II
Joanna Hogg’s autobiographical sequel was the peak of her career to date, but her narrative was already claimed.
Nominated for Nothing: Come on, Academy, no love for the humble beauty of C'mon C'mon?
Director Mike Mills’ films have gotten Oscar attention in the past, but his latest was exactly the opposite of what the Academy likes to reward.
Nominated for Nothing: The good, the bad, and the ugly truth of The Harder They Fall
Westerns have always had a rocky road at the Oscars, not to mention movies with predominately Black casts — this one including Jonathan Majors, Idris Elba, and Regina King.

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Nominated for Nothing: The Card Counter was too bleak for the Oscars
Paul Schrader's latest film, which stars Oscar Isaac as torturer-turned-poker player William Tell, was unfairly ignored by awards season.
Nominated for Nothing: The Oscars did Nicolas Cage's Pig dirty
The Oscar winner's heartbreaking lead role is just one reason why the unconventional Portland cuisine odyssey deserved more attention from the Academy.
Nominated for Nothing: The Assistant is a wake-up call Hollywood needs, but not one it wants

The incisive drama starring Ozark's Julia Garner was always going to be too real for the Oscars.