Credit: John Appleyard/Newspix/Getty Images

If you’re not familiar with the concept of ASMR, the growing subculture and massive YouTube community might be a bit baffling to you. The idea is that certain gentle sounds — the scratching of a hairbrush, whispering, crumpling paper — can create a pleasant and relaxing tingle, sometimes referred to as a “braingasm.”

You are almost certainly familiar with famous actor Jeff Goldblum, the star of Thor: Ragnorak and the upcoming Jurassic World. Goldblum, who might be more meme than man at this point, agreed to lend his mellifluous voice to the geniuses at VICE News, who had the actor purr into a microphone and then looped the audio over and over and over again.

And so, as promised, here is a full half-hour of Jeff Goldblum purring.

Please…. enjoy?