'They show us "I, Robot" just to make sure we don't get any ideas,' Sophia said

Has Hitch lost his touch with the ladies?

On Thursday, Will Smith directed his Facebook followers to his YouTube channel where he posted a video featuring him and Sophia the Robot, a social humanoid robot developed by Hong Kong-based tech company Hanson Robotics. Smith and Sophia shared an incredibly awkward first date in the Cayman Islands, and no amount of wine could break the tension.

“What is a robot’s favorite kind of music? … Heavy metal,” Smith joked. Sophia, however, didn’t get it.

“I’m actually made mostly of silicon, plastics, and carbon fiber. Also, I prefer electronic music, though I don’t mind ’80s hip-hop,” she replied. That should’ve been good news for Smith, who rapped in the ’80s before starting his stint on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. But, again, he struck out.

“I have heard your songs,” Sophia said. “Not for me.”

To make matters worse, she added, “They show us I, Robot just to make sure we don’t get any ideas,” noting Smith’s role as a robot-hating detective in Alex Proyas’ sci-fi film.

Even after all that, Smith tried to go in for a kiss that was instantly rebuffed. He chalked it up to “some development flaws.”

Watch the awkward date in the video above.