'The icing is glue, 'cause I'm not a scientist'

Ryan Reynolds gave Blake Lively an especially sweet Valentine’s Day this year.

The Deadpool star posted a photo on Instagram of himself Wednesday holding a heart-shaped cake covered with strawberries. The caption — complete with the absurd sense of humor we’ve come to expect from Reynolds on social media — reads, “I baked this cake for my wife. The icing is glue, ’cause I’m not a scientist.”

Hopefully this baking attempt went better than his last: in December, Lively documented Reynolds’s valiant attempt at baking Christmas cookies. She shared a photo of the feeble treats on Instagram with the caption, “He’s verrry handsome though.”

The couple, who costarred in 2011’s Green Lantern and were married in 2012, continue to win the social media game. This baking outing follows their teasing Instagram posts for each others’ birthdays last year, in which both cropped the other out of the photo almost entirely.