Rob Delaney has revealed that his two-year-old son Henry died in January after battling brain cancer for more than a year.

The Catastrophe star and co-creator shared the tragic update on Friday via an emotional Facebook post. "I have very sad news," he wrote. "My two and a half year old son Henry has passed away. Henry had been diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2016, shortly after his first birthday, following persistent vomiting and weight loss. He had surgery to remove the tumor and further treatment through the early part of 2017. Then the cancer returned last autumn and he died in January."

He continued, "My wife and Henry's older brothers and I are devastated of course. Henry was a joy. He was smart, funny, and mischievous and we had so many wonderful adventures together, particularly after he'd moved home following fifteen months living in hospitals. His tumor and surgery left him with significant physical disabilities, but he quickly learned sign language and developed his own method of getting from A to B shuffling on his beautiful little bum. His drive to live and to love and to connect was profound. I am astonished by the love-in-action displayed by Henry's mom and his brothers. They are why I will endeavor to not go mad with grief. I don't want to miss out on their beautiful lives. I'm greedy for more experiences with them."

Delaney went on to thank the nurses, doctor, home carers, and charity workers who helped his family and Henry over the last few years, calling them "my heroes until the day I die." He also asked for his family's privacy on the matter moving forward, saying he has nothing left to share.

But before signing off, Delaney concluded, "Thank you, beautiful Henry, for spending as much time with us as you did. We miss you so much."

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