Attention, passengers: Jennifer Lawrence has a hilarious message about the Super Bowl.

In video captured on a commercial flight Sunday, the actress takes over the galley of an airplane to make an impassioned speech to the people aboard, many of whom — specifically those in first class, where Lawrence is presumably sitting — do not look the slightest bit amused.

“Everybody, this is not the pilot speaking. This is Jennifer Lawrence,” says the Oscar winner, speaking into a flight attendant’s device like she’s in Bridesmaids or something. “It’s Feb. 4. It’s Super Bowl Sunday. We all know what that means. Can I please just get a ‘Fly Eagles fly’?”

The Kentucky native — who now must be thrilled that the Philadelphia Eagles reigned supreme over the New England Patriots in Sunday’s big game — then begins chanting. Surprisingly, though, one of the most famous women in the world only gets moderately enthusiastic responses from her fellow passengers. Perhaps it was an early morning flight?

The best part of this is not Lawrence discussing the “colonial woman on the plane” — where is she?! — but rather the flight attendant who calls Lawrence “ma’am” and tries to stop this scene from spiraling further out of control. Sadly, the video ends there, leaving us hoping she’ll someday explain what we missed. Hey, late-night producers — that sounds like a fun interview topic!

Watch the moment unfold in the video above.