After a long and brilliant career and amassing a huge fanbase, Bryan Cranston is breaking some bad news — the multiple Emmy winner and Oscar nominee has decided it’s finally time to say goodbye…to signing autographs.

No, Cranston isn’t pulling a Daniel Day-Lewis, although some confused fans might have thought so upon first reading the announcement. Cranston tweeted on Thursday, “After 18 years of signing everything for fans – I’m retiring. Overwhelmed by requests and I just can’t do it anymore. I love meeting fans and will personalize pix in person, but that’s all. Thanks for your understanding.”

Thankfully, Cranston will stay in the acting biz for the foreseeable future; he’s just becoming a selfies-only kind of guy. After 18 years, autograph signing is probably painful on the wrists, so this retirement makes some sense. Most importantly for Heisenberg fans, Cranston will still be appearing on our screens!