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Chapter Thirteen: The Sweet Hereafter

Internet meme culture moves at the speed of, well, teenagers on the internet. This week’s latest, inexplicable trend? Lip-syncing to a mashup of Riverdale and the Cryptex song ‘Antique Gucci,’ which is itself a mashup of the Kreayshawn’s “Gucci Gucci” and the Beats Antique jam “I Got.” The goal is an instant glow-up: you start with your hair up, or in your pajamas, throw a scarf or towel to cover the screen, and then, when the beat reaches its climax, reveal yourself as glam as possible, fully done up with an “eat your heart out” vibe, ideally in slow motion.

The trend started on the popular Chinese app Dou Yin where users can create “challenges” for other users to imitate. A compilation of the best attempts were posted on YouTube, and Buzzfeed writer Kassy Cho broke down the meme on Friday.

By Sunday it was stateside, with actress Busy Philipps and writer Kelly Oxford posting their attempt on Instagram:

And now, Monday, the meme is officially ruined because entertainment writers like me are writing about it. It took me longer than I want to admit to actually put this video together (although the majority of that time did go into trying to put on red lipstick without looking like a vampire toddler). After borrowing a jacket from my little sister (thank you, Hallie!), I made my “Karma’s a bitch” internet debut looking as glam as is physically possible on a Monday afternoon, and edited this on iMovie because I couldn’t figure out an app to use.

Someone please forward this video to all of my exes.

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