By Luria Freeman
January 18, 2018 at 12:54 PM EST
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Even if the Super Bowl doesn’t play out in your favor, Stella Artois and Matt Damon’s are working to ensure that there are more winners than losers that day.

The beer brand recently teamed with Damon to host a pre-Super Bowl party in New York City to launch the “Make Your Super Bowl Party Matter” campaign and premiere their joint Super Bowl ad.

In the commercial (which you can watch above), the Downsizing star reminds viewers that although clean, safe water is easily accessible for most Americans, there are millions of people in the developing world who walk up to six hours per day scavenging for water. He invites viewers to do their part by purchasing a limited edition Stella Artois chalice. For every chalice sold, will be able to provide five years of clean water — and if just 1 percent of Super Bowl viewers purchase a Chalice, will reach 1 million people.

Additionally, the proceeds of any purchase of a single pint or bottle of Stella Artois made before April 15 will help provide someone in a developing country with clean water for a month, which means that the purchase of a 12-pack of Stella helps bring clean water to someone for 12 months.

Damon referred to this partnership as the “Buy a Lady a Drink” campaign. “The idea is that the woman you’re buying a drink for is on the other side of the world and you’ll never meet her and the drink that you’re buying is clean water,” he told Carolyn Zwiener, brand director for Stella Artois, at the event.

The Oscar-winning actor also spoke on the struggles of inspiring engagement in the global water crisis.

“It’s so hard to even get people to understand in the West that this is a problem because none of us have ever dealt with it,” he said. “We’ve never even been thirsty; there’s water everywhere. The water in our toilets is cleaner than the water that these over 600 million people have access to.”

Damon and Gary White founded more than 25 years ago with the desire to develop and implement solutions to the lack of clean, sanitary water in the developing world. According to their website, they have offices in the U.S., Bangladesh, Ethiopia, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Peru, and the Philippines. This is the fourth year they’ve partnered with the Belgian beer company.

The “Make Your Super Bowl Party Matter” ad will premiere on television during Super Bowl LII Feb. 4, but you can get an early look above.

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