By Tierney McAfee
January 11, 2018 at 04:18 PM EST
Credit: Rick Wilking-Pool/Getty Images

Kellyanne Conway claimed in a new television appearance that “nobody” in the Trump administration talks about the president’s 2016 Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton — prompting scorn from interviewer Chris Cuomo and the internet at large.

Conway appeared on Cuomo Primetime on Wednesday, where she fielded questions about the Trump presidency and his administration’s alleged collusion with Russia to influence the election.

It wasn’t long before Conway brought up Clinton, insisting that “we beat her fairly and squarely” yet “so many people still can’t get over the election results.”

Cuomo quipped in response, “Says my friend who can’t keep Hillary Clinton’s name out of her mouth.”

“You guys are frozen in that moment,” Cuomo added amid the tense exchange.

“Nobody here talks about her,” Conway shot back. “Hey Chris, nobody here talks about Hillary Clinton here.”

Wednesday alone, Trump mentioned Clinton’s name several times at a press conference ahead of Conway’s interview, as CNN’s Brian Stelter pointed out:

And on Thursday morning, Trump was up bright and early tweeting about “Crooked Hillary Emails.”

Clinton’s longtime spokesman Philippe Reines took to Twitter to suggest a solution for Trump’s apparent obsession with his former rival: “Dude, just ask her out already.”

If Trump’s recent Clinton mentions don’t put things into perspective enough, one Twitter user shared a graphic compiling the president’s many tweets about Clinton since election day.

There are at least 89.

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