You’ve heard the name, you’ve gazed in awe over her imagery, now find out how Annie Leibovitz works her magic.

The legendary photographer, who’s captured everyone from Demi Moore to Whoopi Goldberg to Caitlyn Jenner to Daisy Ridley, is offering her first masterclass and EW has an exclusive look at what creatives can learn.

The opportunity is through the online MasterClass, which has offered rounds with movie directors Martin Scorsese and Ron Howard, basketball star Stephen Curry, celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay, tennis star Serena Williams, and Usher.

This new MasterClass features an on-set case study between Leibovitz and chef/author/activist Alice Waters.

“All the work that I’ve ever done, the ideas emanate from that person. Stand over here, present yourself,” Leibovitz says. “We’re so complicated as human beings, there’s so many parts to this. That’s where the ideas come from. Even in the most set-up situation, I believe there’s something real going on.”

Enrollment for the MasterClass is available today. Students can purchase an unlimited pass to all MasterClasses for $180 a year or purchase them individually for $90 per class.

Watch a sneak peek at Leibovitz’s MasterClass in the video above.