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An act of terror left eight people dead and more injured after a man in a pickup truck drove into a bike path in Lower Manhattan on Tuesday. Josh Groban was among those in the area at the time of the attack, which left him “shaking.”

The singer shared his account on Twitter, first revealing that he “heard gun shots and ran with my dog,” before following up by writing, “Was half a block from me, didn’t see it but heard 8-10 quick rounds fired off.” The driver — who a law enforcement official said had two imitation firearms — was shot by police before being taken into custody, the Associated Press reported.

“I’m shaking,” Groban’s thread continued. “That’s the corner I was supposed to have my coffee but my dog pulled me into the park half a block away 10 min before shooting.”

Upon learning the news of casualties, he added: “Devastated for the victims and their families tonight & inspired by the spirit of this city. Sirens and trick or treaters everywhere.”

Groban also praised first responders, writing of a video capturing their swift response, “Once I got far enough away I took this video of the quick response from our amazing NYPD and NYFD.”

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