By Maureen Lee Lenker
October 06, 2017 at 03:56 PM EDT
Credit: Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Donald Trump has been the subject of much criticism lately for his response to the relief effort in Puerto Rico following the impact of Hurricane Maria.

On Friday morning, he added fuel to the fire during a speech at an event celebrating Hispanic Heritage month. While speaking he used an exaggerated Spanish accent to pronounce “Puerto Rico” three times. “We are also praying for the people of Puerto Rico. We love Puerto Rico,” he said, using his version of a Spanish accent.

“We also love Puerto Rico,” he added, amending his speech to an exaggeration of an anglicized pronunciation of the U.S. territory.

The internet responded immediately to what many perceived as an insensitive jab at Puerto Rico and Hispanic culture, with some calling his pronunciation a sign of “prejudice,” as well as “insensitive” and “mocking.”

Read below for a sampling of reactions.