Julia Louis-Dreyfus received an immense outpouring of support Thursday when she announced she has been diagnosed with breast cancer.

Everyone from former vice president Joe Biden to Seinfeld costar Jason Alexander tweeted messages of encouragement for the Emmy-winning actress. And the kind words were sincerely appreciated by Louis-Dreyfus and her family.

The Veep star’s son Henry Hall tweeted a charming image of the two from when he was a child alongside the message, “I couldn’t be more thankful for the outpouring of support for my mom yesterday. Here’s a picture of us taken last year. Love to you all.”

The actress echoed these thoughts and responded to her son’s kind message with a retweet and a note of her own: “I’m thankful, too. And also thankful for my dear boy with good manners.”

This incredible outpouring of love from fans, colleagues, and now, her own son, is giving us all the feels.