Nick Kroll — whose new show on Netflix mines the horrors of puberty for comedic gold, who once played a character called “The Douche” on Parks and Recreation, who has a cockroach named after him — had an out-of-the-box idea with Stephen Colbert to raise money for the victims of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico.

It’s called the #PuberMe challenge.

Appearing on The Late Show Wednesday night, Kroll challenged celebrities to share photos of themselves during their awkward teen years. “I’m shouting you out, The Rock. I’m shouting you out, The Hillary Clinton,” he said. But on a more serious note, he noted how “there’s catharsis in showing who we were and what we became.”

Colbert made the challenge more interesting by vowing to make a donation from his Americone Dream Fund toward hurricane relief for every celebrity that participates. Kroll then promised to match the donations.

As a result, we’re already getting a treasure trove of candids of celebrities as kids. Colbert remarked that his #PuberMe pic is of him heading to his school’s Picture Day after gym class. He forgot all about it, so the photographer lent him his jacket and tie.

In return, Kroll tweeted a photo of himself “trying to look like a tough guy because I hadn’t yet hit #puberme.”

Celebrities seem to be into it. Jimmy Kimmel, Gina Rodriguez, Sarah Silverman, Judd Apatow, Mark Duplass, and Topher Grace are among those fueling this challenge on social media.

See some of the photos shared below, including ones from Lin-Manuel Miranda, Conan O’Brien, Rachel Bloom, Lena Dunham, James Corden, and Ben Platt.

Other stars are urging for others, including the White House, to help relief efforts in Puerto Rico.

“Puerto Ricans need supplies and resources just as badly as their fellow Americans in Texas and Florida, and this need is magnified by their geographic isolation from the mainland,” Lin-Manuel Miranda wrote in a column published by The Hollywood Reporter that urged people to donate to the Hispanic Federation.

Pitbull is sending his private jet to Puerto Rico to help bring treatment supplies to cancer patients in need of chemotherapy, while Rihanna implored President Trump to not “let your people die like this.”

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