By Eric King
September 14, 2017 at 02:25 PM EDT
Guido De Bortoli/Getty Images

Jude Law loves movies. He’s in them all the time! That’s why, when he goes to see a film, he’d rather keep a low profile, so no one bothers him. But when he tried to do that by wearing a black sweatshirt with the hood up to a theater in Bath, England, he reportedly caused a security scare when staff failed to recognize him.

Staffers were told to keep an eye on a man who was “acting suspiciously” and loitering in the foyer of the building last Wednesday, according to the Guardian. But Connor Walter, one of the Odeon employees, realized who it was.

“I was convinced it was him when I tore his ticket, so I decided that when I met him I’d love to be able to say more to him than just a few words in person (as I gathered he’d just want to get away!),” Walter told Mashable.

According to Walter, Law enjoyed the movie he was seeing, Kathryn Bigelow’s Detroit. The two spoke quickly after the film, and snapped a picture, before Law zoomed away from the cinema. Walter also slipped Law a note with his email address, and was thrilled when the Young Pope star sent him a message following up on the mix-up.

“From one movie madman to another… thanks for your kind note. Sorry I ran off. I am always aware of making a scene in public. Hence the hood!” Law explained, “I’m a huge film obsessive too. I love them. Nice to hear someone else does. Best wishes to you J.”

British reports note that it’s believed Law is currently filming the follow-up to J.K. Rowling’s Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, in which he plays young Albus Dumbledore. Maybe he should have tried an invisibility cloak?