From Michael Moore to Margaret Cho, Trump's presidency is inspiring creatives across genres

By Christian Holub
July 28, 2017 at 02:30 PM EDT
CLOCKWISE FROM LEFT:Amancay Nahuelpan/Black Mask Studios; Will Heath/NBCU Photo Bank/Getty Images ; FX

Donald Trump has only been president for six months, but his brief time in office is already inspiring a bunch of artists across a variety of genres and fields. EW rounded up a selection of upcoming pop culture directly inspired by Trump’s presidency. Check that out below.

The Terms of My Surrender

Prolific documentarian Michael Moore was one of the only political commentators to correctly predict Trump’s presidential victory. More recently, Moore wrote that “I’ve been on a creative tear since Trump’s appointment by the Electoral College,” and now he’s bringing his political wisdom and fiery rhetoric to a limited-run one-man show on Broadway that takes square aim at President Trump. (Belasco Theatre, July 28–Oct. 22)

You Can’t Spell America Without Me by Alec Baldwin and Kurt Andersen

There have been pop culture parodies of Trump since long before he entered the White House, but two that seem to have had the greatest effect on him are the recent Saturday Night Live impression and Spy magazine’s infamous “short-fingered vulgarian” diss. Now, the two men behind those parodies (Alec Baldwin and Kurt Andersen) unite for this parody book about the president’s first year in office (out Nov. 7).

American Horror Story: Cult

Creator Ryan Murphy first revealed back in February that season 7 of American Horror Story (FX, Sept. 5) would tackle the 2016 election. Since then, we’ve learned many more details. The season is titled “Cult,” and the recent trailer teases an eerie group of clowns. It’s all still haunted by the election. The season opens on election night and takes place in Michigan, a key battleground state, as Murphy revealed on Twitter. (Follow his social accounts for more clues!)

Margaret Cho’s Fresh Off the Bloat tour

Cho’s new comedy tour will focus on a variety of subjects, from her struggles with substance abuse to her recent public battle with Tilda Swinton, and the Trump presidency will also loom large.

“It’s easy and difficult to talk about him, because he’s gambling with the world,” Cho recently told EW.

Calexit by Matteo Pizzolo and Amancay Nahuelpan

This comic series imagines a California that’s in open rebellion against President Trump’s government amid ecological decay, widespread drug addiction, and militarized deportation raids. Issue 1 sold out immediately, thanks partially to media attention from sites like Breitbart and The Drudge Report – love it or hate it, it’s a story that’s already inspiring strong reactions. Issue 2 hits comic stores and Aug. 30.

“Expect bold but complex heroes who are willing to look fascism in the face and challenge it,” Pizzolo told EW. “If you’re like me and you feel we need more heroes like that, then I hope Zora’s rallying cry for resistance will stay with you after you close the book.”