Where to stream the digital video convention, live from Anaheim

Digital content creators, fans, and industry professionals are gathering in Anaheim, California this weekend for VidCon, an annual convention that celebrates and looks to the future of the rapidly evolving world of online video.

But what about those video-makers and -watchers who aren’t able to make it to VidCon, you ask? Well, that’s the good news about a convention of YouTubers: It’ll be on YouTube. The livestream, above, began early Thursday, kicking off with “The Gathering of the Nerdfighters” talk with VidCon founders and “Vlogbrothers” Hank and John Green, the latter of whom announced his next novel.

Of course, not every event in the convention’s packed agenda can make it onto one livestream. Among the panels, keynote speeches, and performances that fans will be able to catch are a Q&A with Grace Helbig, Hannah Hart, and Mamrie Hart on Thursday; a panel dedicated to “Keeping Online Video Diverse” on Friday; and a Q&A with Jenna Marbles and a conversation with “LGBTQ Powerhouses” on Saturday. The livestream and its full schedule can be found on the VidCon Live site.