The actress was not charmed by his attempts to join her virtual group hug

By Maureen Lee Lenker
June 22, 2017 at 03:24 PM EDT

Actress Alyssa Milano might be offering a Twitter hug, but Sen. Ted Cruz needs to look elsewhere.

On Tuesday, Milano tweeted, “~GROUPHUG~ get in,” inviting her followers to a virtual embrace. Sen. Ted Cruz responded on Thursday with a winking emoji and the words, “We all need a hug.”

Milano, who has been outspoken on social media against Republican policies and the current administration, was not having it. In a response rivaling Mean Girls’ Gretchen Weiners’ “you can’t sit with us,” she volleyed back with “Not you @tedcruz. You’re not invited” and her own winking face emoji.

Milano wasn’t the only one to reject Cruz’s hug advances. Others immediately jumped on the Senator’s response, posting video of the infamous moment from the 2016 campaign trail when Cruz accidentally hit his wife Heidi in the face when he went in for a three-way hug with his father. Others called Cruz’s response “creepy” and wrote things like, “thanks for ruining hugs.” And some of his constituents chimed in to call him out for engaging in social media trolling rather than focusing on legislation and the healthcare bill.

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