Barbie - Fashionistas Dolls
Credit: Mattel

Barbie is evolving in a way you probably never would’ve expected. After all, dad bod Ken dolls or ones with a man bun aren’t exactly your mom’s Barbie beau (or your mom’s mom’s, for that matter), but, believe it or not, they’re part of the latest release from the Barbie Fashionistas collection.

The New Crew extension introduces a whopping 40 Barbie and Ken dolls, giving customers a wider range of skin tones, body types, eye colors, hairstyles (like the aforementioned man buns), and clothing styles.

While you can still find a classically blond Barbie in this new collection, you can also find her with natural hair, blunt peachy colored bangs, and body types like curvy, original, tall, and petite. How about that special new Ken we mentioned? He’s there too.

And he’s way more dynamic than he used to be. With 15 new dolls added to his name, Barbie’s BF is available in broad (a.k.a. the dad bod option), slim, or original body types and can be found with freckles and cornrows, to start.

Barbie announced the New Crew in a tweet earlier today, with the hashtag #TheDollEvolves.

The Fashionistas collection first launched in 2016 with three new body types as well as varied skin tones. In February, Barbie Fashionistas earned the coveted Toy of the Year award from the Toy Industry Association in February.