By Marc Snetiker
June 15, 2017 at 01:00 PM EDT

It’s a blood moon over Hollywood!

One year after introducing the American Horror Story franchise into the fold of its annual Halloween Horror Nights event, Universal Studios Hollywood has added another season of the popular TV series to its roster.

Roanoke, the sixth season of Ryan Murphy’s horror anthology, will haunt this year’s Horror Nights event in an all-new maze that begins its run on Sept. 15.

Like the acclaimed season of the show did, the maze will follow the twisted backwoods path of the lost North Carolinian colony and the victims who find themselves haunted by ghosts who tread the land. Spooky guests inside the maze include the cannibal Polk family, Kathy Bates’ iconic Butcher, and presumably all those other fun colonial spirits and victims who call the horrifying woods of Roanoke home.

Credit: Fox

John Murdy, the event’s creative director and executive producer, said, “The macabre mind of Ryan Murphy brings a treasure-trove of limitless possibilities to Halloween Horror Nights. Because of the multitude of terrifying layers that come to life within this latest installment of FX’s America Horror Story, we are devoting our entire maze to uncovering every twisted detail to fully immerse our guest into the Roanoke storyline.”

Last year, the event pulled inspiration from three seasons of the showAsylum, Freak Show, and Hotel. Watch a preview clip from this year’s festivities above.