By Nick Romano
June 02, 2017 at 02:12 PM EDT
Julianne Moore/Instagram; Lena Dunham/Instagram; Lin-manuel Miranda/Twitter

Julianne Moore, Amy Schumer, Lena Dunham, and Kim Kardashian are some of the celebrities and public figures spreading the word about National Gun Violence Awareness Day, taking place on Friday.

“When the Sandy Hook shooting happened on Dec. 14, 2012, my daughter was 10 and was coming to work with me on a movie set,” Moore wrote in the latest issue of PEOPLE. “I asked hair, makeup, crew and other actors, ‘Please don’t mention this to her.’ I was going to wait to tell her with her dad. But somebody posted something about it on her monitored Instagram account. She said, ‘Mommy, did a bunch of little kids get shot today?'”

“It occurred to me that I wasn’t protecting my daughter by trying to keep the news away from her, so I wanted to get involved,” she added.

Wearing an orange shirt, Moore posted photos of some of the thousands of victims who die every year to gun violence in America; on average, it amounts to 93 deaths a day.

“I #WearOrange for Ronique Williams,” Schumer tweeted. “One of the 93 killed, and hundreds injured by gun violence every day in America.”

In 2015, Schumer partnered with her cousin, New York Senator Chuck Schumer, to make a plea for stricter gun laws after a shooting at a Lafayette movie theater left two dead. “I’m not sure why this man chose my movie [Trainwreck] to end those two lives and injure nine others, but it was very personal for me,” Schumer said at a press conference. “We always find out how the shooter got their gun and it’s always something that never should have happened in the first place.”

The non-profit organization Everytown for Gun Safety began the Wear Orange campaign after hearing from the friends and family of Hadiya Pendleton, who was shot and killed at the age of 15 in Chicago in 2013. People wore orange to raise awareness of gun violence and asked Everytown to do the same.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo declared the entire month of June to be National Gun Violence Awareness Month in the state. “#WearOrange and disrupt the cycle of gun violence,” he tweeted.

“My small consolation to #wearorange to remember the senseless loss of lives due to gun violence. It’s got to end,” Dunham tweeted.

See more celebrity photos for the #WearOrange campaign below.