See how these companies pranked their fans with fake products and services on April Fools' Day

By Mary Sollosi
April 01, 2017 at 09:00 AM EDT

Pranksters of the world, rejoice: April Fools’ Day is upon us. Following last year’s excellent showing of brand pranks, these companies channeled their inner Weasley twins and punk’d their fans with some hilariously elaborate announcements of fake products and wacky services. So please, for the love of Winston Bishop, check out some of the best stunts below.

Burger King

So you never have to get that Whopper taste out of your mouth.

Bush’s Beans

It’s the logical next step in the expansion of a bean empire.


No need to curse at slow drivers on the freeway when you can just politely get them out of your way!


What goes better with coffee than coffee?


Never pick up after your pets again!



Redbox is making entertainment more accessible than ever with its teeny-tiny home-rental initiative.

Jim Beam

What began as a pronunciation mistake has evolved into something delicious(-ish).

Turkey Hill

The best ice cream is made from the best milk. The best milk comes from the happiest cows. And the happiest cows have found love on the world’s first-ever bovine-only dating site.

Amazon Echo

Finally, a more productive way to communicate with your pets than “Who’s a good boy?”


This one gets a heart-eyes emoji from us.

Bob Evans

Bob Evans

Bob Evans beauty encourages you to swap out that face mask for gravy and those cucumber slices for buttermilk biscuits — we can pretty much guarantee your skin will be utterly transformed.


Binge entire series in mere minutes with Hulu’s aptly named Hu.

Buffalo Wild Wings

This groundbreaking development in the field of “sauce-facialization” is sure to be a game-changer for March Madness fans.

Tough Mudder

The Puppy Bowl is for wimps.

Alamo Rent A Car

When your car is planning your next vacation’s itinerary, activities, meals, and bathroom breaks, all you have to think about is relaxing!


Per the glowing user reviews on the Puzzles for Pets website, if your cat hates regular crosswords or your dog tries to force you to go outside when it’s raining, then this app is for you!

What’s hipper than hipster glasses? None at all!


Who needs the original Broadway cast when you can listen to the musical theater-obsessed teen sitting behind you?


Zipcar pranked its fans who opted to receive a beta test kit by sending them, instead, a beta taste kit of a Moonpie. Luckily, the Zipcar customers didn’t seem to mind being mooned.

Google Maps

Namco/Google Maps

Google Maps got a Ms. Pac-Man makeover for April Fools’ Day. “Starting now until April 4, you can chomp fruit, avoid ghosts, and collect PAC-Dots along city streets in Google Maps worldwide — all as Ms. PAC-Maps,” the search engine company announced. Users can tap the Ms. Pac-Man icon on the Maps screen to start the function, while, according to The Verge, “some users are reporting that the iOS version lets you pick the map, while Android takes you to randomized spots.”

The tech company first pulled the Google Maps “prank” back in 2015.


Paris Hilton is in on the drink company’s joke here (all done while addressing a serious problem), where the former reality star/actress and businesswoman pitches NanoDrop, a “miracle that will cure the world.” After donning a “jacket” made of plastic materials “found inside the stomachs of sea turtles — so sad,” the former Simple Life star introduces the world to the Paris Hilton Institute for Plastic Pollution Solutions where she and “some other really smart scientist colleagues” have developed the “cutting edge, state-of-the-art, condensed form of sparkling water.” Five-thousand times more hydrating than normal water, she touts, NanoDrop equals one glass of regular water. “That means less water, less plastic, happy turtles, happy Paris, magic!”

You can even get a free sample here.