By Dan Heching
March 21, 2017 at 01:04 PM EDT

Today in viral internet news: a video of an extremely large chicken has surfaced on Twitter, causing equal parts wonder and terror on social media.

Looking as if it’s walking on a pair of legs reserved for a much larger creature, this real-life Big Bird stalks around in the video upon leaving its coop — at one point approaching (and dwarfing in the process) a normal-size chicken in the vicinity.

The search page for “giant chicken” on Twitter reveals endless posts about the enormous bird, under the heading, “Gaze upon your new master, this large chicken.” Hashtags that have been trending include the obvious #GiantChicken along with the more creative #FakeChickenNews.

As CNN notes, however, the monster bird looks to be a Brahma chicken, which is a large breed of chicken cultivated in the U.S. that became a fixture in the poultry industry a little over 100 years ago. See video of the behemoth bird above.