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Gender Revolution

Katie Couric is being recognized by the Human Rights Campaign Foundation for her work on LGBTQ visibility.

EW can exclusively report that the veteran journalist behind the upcoming National Geographic special Gender Revolution: A Journey with Katie Couric will receive the Upstander Award at the HRC’s annual Time to Thrive conference in April.

Couric’s two-hour special, which she hosts and co-produced, debuts next month and explores the fluidity of gender identity through scientific and social lenses, including the roles played by genetics, brain chemistry, and modern culture.

Vincent Pompei, the chair of Time to Thrive and director of the HRC Foundation’s Youth Well-Being Project, said in a statement, “Throughout the world, transgender and gender expansive people are striving to be who they are, often in the most difficult of circumstances. Katie’s work with National Geographic on this singular project represents an enormous step in our journey to ensure the safety and inclusion of LGBTQ youth here and around the world and reflects her continuing commitment to telling our community’s important stories.”

The award also comes as a testament to Couric’s personal evolution three years after she came under fire for asking insensitive questions during an interview with transgender women Carmen Carrera and Laverne Cox. As Couric said at the Television Critics Association winter press tour earlier this month, she listened to the criticism and strived to become better informed. “We can’t be afraid to make mistakes on our journey to educate ourselves,” she said.

Couric currently serves as a global anchor for Yahoo News, and she previously produced the documentaries Fed Up, about the obesity epidemic, and Under the Gun, about the history of gun violence in America.

Time to Thrive will take place April 28-30 in Washington, D.C.

Gender Revolution
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