Credit: Warner Bros.; Spencer Platt/Getty Images

The Clown Prince of Crime isn't through with the president-elect yet.

On Monday, actor Mark Hamill — who portrays the Joker in several DC animated works — continued his recent gag of trolling Donald Trump by dramatically reading the PEOTUS' tweets in the voice of the madcap supervillain.

This time, in accordance with Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Hamill lampooned Trump's controversial tweets criticizing Congressman John Lewis, the civil rights icon who recently said he won't attend Trump's inauguration and doesn't consider the president-elect a "legitimate president."

Sharing an audio clip titled "A Very Special Message for Martin Luther King Day," Hamill turned on the Joker's sinister singsong as he recited Trump's badmouthing of Lewis as "All talk, talk, talk." Hamill underscored his message by adding the hashtags "#Compassion #Tolerance #Empathy #Respect."

The actor — who previously Jokerized Trump's Meryl Streep rant and New Year's Eve brag — wasn't alone in showing his support for Lewis. In the wake of Trump's broadside, many Twitter users leaped to the Georgia representative's defense, and several of Lewis' books rocketed up the Amazon sales charts.

Listen to Hamill's latest Joker-Trump reading above and see Trump's original tweets: