Credit: DON EMMERT/AFP/Getty Images; DC

Mark Hamill just gave Donald Trump’s recent New Year’s Eve tweet a makeover.

The actor channeled the Joker by reading Trump’s holiday message in the voice of the DC supervillain in an audio clip posted to social media. Hamill has portrayed the Clown Prince of Gotham in voice roles he’s maintained since Batman: The Animated Series, and he can be heard as the character next in the new Justice League Action cartoon series.

“With a little help [from daughter Chelsea Hamill and wife Marilou Hamill] Got the app to send out my 1st soundbite,” he tweeted on Saturday. “Stay Tuned…for I am #TheTrumpster!”

Here’s Trump’s original New Year’s tweet.

And here’s Hamill’s Joker-y spin in what he calls a “New Jeers Toast.”

Based on Hamill’s caption — “The Trumpster quote #1” — we can likely expect plenty more dramatic readings from the Joker.